Our Mission

The First Responder Help Foundation was created in 2019 to address Mental Health, Wellness and Resiliency funding gaps within the public safety community.

We know that responders and their families are exposed to stress and trauma (& vicarious trauma) on a regular basis. The need for self-care through behavioral and wellness training, education, counseling, treatment, and fellowship are critical to having a successful career and family.

Addressing the prevailing stigma that Responders are “too tough for trauma” by learning that addressing trauma prevents longer term health issues is critical. Assisting with cultural change that creates and maintains healthy responders and families – both physically and mentally – is our passion and purpose.

First Responder culture often avoids the mention of personal, family, or psychological problems because it doesn’t seem fitting for those who have been forged in fire to experience also experience disturbing thoughts and emotions.

The truth is that thoughts, emotions, and experiences left alone in the dark breed only bigger problems that manifest in PTSD, anxiety, depression, addiction, and broken families.

The First Responder Help Foundation is available to provide financial assistance and referrals to vetted, culturally competent providers and services that fill the gap that insurance and personal or organizational finances do not.

Our team and advisory board are comprised of Behavioral Health Professionals, First Responders, and Community members who understand the experiences and needs of First Responders and their families.

We invite you to donate and allow us to assist responders and their families find the right help, right now.