Afghan Refugee Evacuation

Background: You're probably aware there is a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.  Afghans that served alongside the United States and International Community are now in danger.  The United States and other nations are not doing enough to help.  So, it’s up to us.

Mission: Coordinate food, shelter, medicine, for the safe passage of endangered personnel and families through a mixture of commercial flights and ground transportation to reach a refugee camp in an undisclosed nation.  Once they reach the refugee camp, they are going to work with local authorities to obtain visas to a final destination nation to restart their lives.  

The Need: Our goal is to raise $6K per person. $5K each is the cost to us from those leasing and insuring the planes, to get them over the border.  We also want to provide $1K each for the refugees to buy clothing, medicine, baby diapers, and other personal items. They must travel with no luggage at all, and will need to start over completely. ANY AMOUNT HELPS.

The Families: You can help sponsor the following families. We have obscured photos for their safety. We communicate with them multiple time each day, and they are very grateful to know people thousands of miles away care about them.

Our team is composed of domestically based Special Operations veterans, intelligence personnel, and logistical specialists.  

What: We organize the safest transport possible for our “precious cargo” (PC) to a refugee camp.  Due to the threat nature of different PCs, the transport routes and destinations vary.

When:  Now until complete.

Where:  The team is based in the United States with ground assets in Afghanistan.

Why:  It’s the right thing to do.  We never leave a fallen comrade behind.  This mindset was pressed upon us during our time in service.  As humans, we are stepping up to do the right thing to support other humans.

So:  Please donate to this campaign so that we can get to work. We’re not asking for much and will honorably distribute all funds to help those in need. We take zero dollars.

THANK YOU: You are changing lives. Any amount makes a difference. We truly appreciate you helping these families take the first steps to freedom.